10 May 2009

A Bite in Time

Just a brief post tonight because I'm tired. We went out to dinner with Turner's co-worker/Frisbee partner Ying. She's a very sweet girl and fun to talk with. We went to a Western restaurant near their office called Lisa's. Decor-wise it was very modern and un-Chinese. We went mainly for the hamburgers, which Turner claims are the best in Qingdao. I had to see if they lived up to their reputation.

We all ordered burgers, creative right? I also had a glass of white wine, which was surprisingly drinkable. A plus for the restaurant, the burgers all arrived at about the same time. At other establishments, there has been a 30 minute lag time between entrees. Everything looked appropriate but something in the flavor bothered me until I figured out that it tasted like Italian sausage! They must have added pork to the beef and used oregano and/or fennel.

Overall, I would give the restaurant one thumb up. To bestow the second thumb would require me sampling more of their food.


  1. Best burger in Qingdao!??? What!? Has he not eaten at the "Diner?" I think that is what it was called. It sat next to SPR Coffee on WuSi square. Now that is the best burger in Qingdao.

  2. Ewww... the Diner's burger tasted funky. Not at all good. Maybe it was a fluke though.