13 March 2009

Oatmeal Cookies, Take Two

You may or may not remember my recent post about making oatmeal cookies with peanut oil. Let's just say, it was a disaster, though Turner dutifully ate them. Today I made a new batch with a different recipe (found on my iPod Betty Crocker Cookbook). Thankfully the recipe called for the exact amount of butter and eggs that I had one hand, so I did not have to venture out into the nasty windy that blew through Qingdao today. I also was able to use up the walnuts that have sitting in my freezer.

I decided to use some brown sugar instead of the full amount of white sugar, thinking it would give the cookies an extra boost of flavor, but this plus the required molasses made the cookies a little too "flavorful." I think next time I will omit the molasses if I use brown sugar.

I have to bake in batches of six, so I spent much of my afternoon moving back and forth between computer and toaster oven. Somehow I never seem to make the recommended quantity of cookies. Most of the time I actually get nowhere near what the recipe says. I am even careful to scoop the dough out in rounded teaspoons. This time my cookies were well-shaped, but out of the five dozen called for I got maybe a dozen and a half (after I ate a few). How could I be 40 cookies short? I blame it on a typo in the recipe. Betty needs an editor.

I wish I had my mom's oatmeal cookie recipe. My copy is sitting in a recipe box packed away somewhere. She always makes the best cookies. (Hint, hint, wink, wink.)

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