24 January 2009

The New York Times & Me

"Hi. My name's Sara. I am an addict." Addicted to the New York Times, that is. It's my morning staple as much as coffee is. The end of the week is best because then I can catch up on the Dining & Wine and Style sections. I love Frank Bruni's restaurant reviews and Mark Bittman's Minimalist recipes, videos, and blog posts on Bitten (see blog link to the left). Recently, he blogged about what he ate on a book tour in the northwest. In this vein, my posting today will also record "What I Ate."

breakfast: coffee, two small slices of toast with peanut butter
lunch: "smoothie" (peach yogurt mixed with apple juice), one apple, a few slices of cheddar
snacks: two espresso shots, mini McDonald's hot fudge sundae (we visited our coffee dealer today and he always makes us free drinks), banana
dinner: cheesy pasta bake (made from yesterday's leftovers), steamed

I also ran five miles and did some yoga.

A week ago, I put half of my famous Chocolate Gingerbread cookie dough (okay, it's Martha Stewart's recipe) in the freezer to make at a later date (which turned out to be today). I may have eaten a couple of these warm out of the oven. How could you resist?

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