24 January 2009

People, people everywhere!

If you thought that an American grocery store was busy during the days leading up to Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July, then you have never experienced a Chinese grocery store the day before the biggest holiday of the year, Chinese Lunar New Year. Turner and I ventured out to our local Jusco, think upscale department store with groceries that is popular not just for foreigners but for every Chinese person in Qingdao. We needed to stock up on some staples to get us through the next few days since tomorrow is New Year's Eve.

Let's just say, a linebacker would have been useful today. We had to push and shove to get through the store, had to stand in a 20-person line to have our produce weighed and priced, and had to use my white hat as a beacon among the hoards of dark heads. It was craziness! Luckily, Turner had his camera so I can share this priceless experience.

We bought lemons, potatoes, cabbage, noodles, frozen lamb, yogurt, and soda water, and then Turner stopped at the liquer store for a bottle of Gordon's gin. (We have been having cocktail hour lately and he was getting sick of cranberry fusion vodka, which I enjoy immensely.)


  1. That is crazy!!! I would die in there. Ooo could you imagine mom in there!?! Ha!

  2. I would say, when in China, do as the Chinese do. I would have survived