22 January 2009

UPDATE on the Yogurt Cake

This afternoon I made the cake I wrote about a couple days ago, the Yogurt Cake from Dorie Greenspan. I followed the recipe exactly and it came out golden and perfect from my toaster oven. Moist, light, not-too-sweet, this is the kind of cake that is easy to eat a lot of. (As per the reviews on epicurious.com, I would cut the amount of oil down to 1/4 cup.) Turner and I couldn't wait to slice into so I forwent the marmalade glaze but might try that next time. The cake would also be good with a lemon glaze.

For anyone curious about how I bake in my Chinese kitchen, here is my secret weapon:

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  1. Sara,

    I thought you knew about the "layered" approach to outerware; especially after being in Duluth and Buffalo in the winter!! :-)