11 February 2009

Answer and Update

Here is the answer to the second Chinglish food product quiz:

RAISINS! Can you believe it? Our winner this week is Paul Gutmann, a.k.a. Popsie. He guessed bay leaves, since he at least chose a food product. Although, considering the advertising copy, I think condoms was a good guess (way to go, Mom).

Turner and I leave for Shanghai this afternoon, so there will not be any posts until I return. However, I will take lots of pictures and record our culinary adventures. I am looking forward to some good Shanghai cuisine and also foreign food as we have reservations at an Italian restaurant for V-Day/3-year anniversary and a French restaurant for a buy-one, get-one dinner deal.

As long as we don't get Shanghaied, we will be back in one week. Until then, happy eating!

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