02 February 2009

Baby Bok Choy

After eating a few big, protein-heavy meals, I get the urge for something simple. I am sure most everyone does. My body craves vegetables and basic starches like rice or noodles. So I sent Turner off to the vegetable market on campus and he returned with carrots, spinach, and rapeseed greens. I believe that this is advertised in American supermarkets as baby bok choy. It looks awfully similar to me and the Chinese do not know what bok choy is. You can't even buy regular sized bok choy in Qingdao, so it might be a southern vegetable.

For dinner I made my mom's version of fried rice (the Chinese would probably disapprove but it sure is satisfying). Stir fry whatever vegetables you have on hand with garlic, onion, ginger, soy sauce. Scramble a couple eggs into the wok, dump in your cooked rice and some more soy sauce, fry all together for a couple minutes, and voila! I dress up the bowls with some sesame seeds but that's getting fancy for such a simple, delicious, quick supper.

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