27 February 2009

The Cost of a Meal in China

Turner and I went out to eat tonight at a local, family-style restaurant. For a little more than six dollars we ordered the following:
  • One-liter bottle of Tsingtao beer
  • Two bowls of rice
  • Stir-fried eggs with tomatoes
  • Shredded potato fried with garlic
  • Sweet and sour pork
Not too shabby and utterly satisfying.

When my students ask me if I cook Chinese food at home, I usually say no, because we can get it for cheaper and tastier just a few hundred yards from our door.

(This picture is from Shanghai, not a few hundred yards from our door.)


  1. have you found anything as good as southgate, or better...or is that even possible?

  2. We have not found a place that makes cong bao ji ding as good as southgate, but we do have our favorite local place down here. Cheap and good.