11 February 2009

Up and Running

Yesterday was the soft opening of Cookies Cafe, which Turner and I have worked diligently to get off its feet. The cafe was fully functional, selling hot drinks and baked goods.

In the morning I baked while Turner manned the cafe with the new waitresses. The foreign patients at the hospital have showed a strong interest in having good coffee, comfort food, and a relaxing place to sit and sip, so we have done our best to provide this. Some of the owners show an interest in the cafe becoming more of a Chinese restaurant, which would counteract our efforts to make the cafe a unique environment as there are about as many Chinese restaurants as there are people. What the area inside and around the hospital does not have is a quiet, soothing environment with authentic western food and drink. Our job has been to create this, so we feel that it has been a success. Whether or not it is what the owners want is up to them.

We had quite a few customers who said the coffee was great and the food tasty, so it was not a bad first day for a new business. Everyone involved seems excited at this new venture.

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